Wednesday November 20 2019





Mushroom Brie

Cup: $4.55 Bowl: $5.85

Our soups are available frozen - just thaw, heat and serve! Ask about our today!

Turkey Bacon Ranch

With spinach & tomato.  Served with chips. $9.29

Half a Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap with a cup of Mushroom Brie Soup, chips, crackers. $9.49

Chicken Salad


Lemongrass with carrots & green beans

Purchase by the pound! Our chicken salads make a great sandwich served on your choice of bread, with lettuce, tomato, chips and a pickle.

Try a 1/4 lb. scoop on our Big Salad

We cook, you eat!

Veggie Lasagna Rolls

Shepherds Pie

V8 Pot Roast

Mac & Cheese

Lilly's Homemade Soups