Chicken Salads du Jour

Made fresh daily.  Below is an example of different chicken salads we make.  Please check our home page to see what today's chicken salad is. Need a large quantity or looking for a specific kind? Call or email us to order yours at least one day in advance!

Traditional with celery, mayo
Supreme with grapes, almonds, tarragon-mayo
Waldorf with apples, walnuts, raisins
Lemon Basil with pine nuts, basil
Nantucket with apples, cranberries, walnuts
Pine Island with mango, macadamia nut, ginger
Curried Mango with raisins, pecans
Southwestern with black beans, corn, cilantro
Orchard with pear, pecan, cherry
Honey Blue-Boo with honey, blueberry
Verry Berry with hazelnuts

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